No make up shots :)

I love my baby…sent him these pics before we met in person…The first photo he said, “You have trouble meeting guys?”. I laughed, I actually am quite eccentric, so yes I do. A few days before we met he asked for no make-up pics…he tells me that I am beautiful…That I don’t need a ton of make-up at all…it’s nice to trust a good man for the first time ever.

I do require TONS of sex…this intimacy makes me horny all the time. I mean ALL of the time, not just saying that.

i don’t alter myself to suite him. It is perfect for me. Unconditional love is sweet. I am finally done with drama.

I have a surprise for him. It’s a threesome with a hot busty asian teen. 🙂 He has no idea hehe…I am just as insane as you. I love 3d hentai monster porn – omg do I ever love it.



anal sex !! I LOVE IT!!!

Hi there,

So recently I had to edit myself in my newsletter due to using graphic language. I found it funny to have to look for a word other than “anal” “sex” or “pleasure” even the word, “chance” omg….

So, I here is my un-edited version:

Anal Play: I always thought that I must have a clit in my ass because I cum so extremely hard from anal sex and using anal toys. I recently bought an inflatable anal insertion toy that also vibrates. I enjoy having a cock deep inside my pussy as I inflate the toy to maximum capacity.Now I know why I absolutely love anal play so much. It is due to how I am built. You see, my pussy and asshole are situated very close together. So when I am having anal sex or dp, it stimulates both walls, resulting in out of this world orgasms. I don’t just do anal to please viewers while faking the pleasure. I detest faking it… so I only do what truly brings me pleasure.

This particular movie is under the “classics” area- It is the first one that really demonstrates my intesne 100% real love for all anal play. I use anal toys all the time pretty much. lol


New Members Only Blog


Welcome to my new members blog 🙂

I am re-designing my members area. 🙂 Much easier to navigate on your phone or desktop.

I am uploading 2 new videos this weekend. The first involves my sexy lover using an anal glass dildo on me. The next is a bdsm style (tame) video of me restraining him to my bed. I am wearing a black lace thong teddy and bright red heels.

I practiced using some of my new toys. A flogger, a feather tickler, ball gag, blindfold, nylon rope, and an oral fleshlight masturbator. It’s a very natural, real video…no hot lighting or interruptions.


ps. Mailing out store orders on Monday…

Hey I have some naughty ass shit in store for you baby!

I am not going to reveal exactly what I am going to share with you just yet. I will tell you this, “It’s going to blow your fucking mind!” nothing you’ve ever seen before!! 😉

today I am going to add some new pictures and video to the members area.



Desirae Spencer

My most recent members only updates

Happy Monday to ya baby! I know Mondays usually suck lol. I hope yours isn’t the case. I am super busy today. I have a lot of appointments & i’ve been chatting with members a lot. Sometimes on skype if I really want to. If you want to skype with me, please send me your info to my members only email address. You can find it at the bottom of the Members entrance page, or just click the contact button inside the Members area. It’s super simple. Also, I love being able to put a face with the name, so if you can share a pic or two that would be great.

I think the last update I did on my blog was about my trip to Jamaica and Grand Caymans….a lot has happened since then believe me!
I’ve been posting in my dirty diary mostly, so that is super current. Not sure why I have a blog AND dirty diary lol. I go into more detail in my diary usually. I also have a forum, where I post naughty stories and other juicy stuff.

I have a live cam chat today at 2:30pm EST. Click here to view show.

Here are some of my most recent updates:

click here to view me fucking a virgin video from pic below:
I have a HUGE thing for virgins, I love breaking them in & being the first pussy they’ve ever fucked. I found this younger guy Jarrod online- we chatting for a while, skyped. texted & spoke on the phone. Then we arranged to meet up. He was eager for me to show him the ropes and agreed to be filmed as long as his face didn’t show. The most important part did show however, lol. I sucked on that virgin dick, slow…slowly building him up & teasing him. Making sure he didn’t cum too quickly. Then I got on all fours on the bed and he entered me for the first time. His hard cock felt so good in my little pussy. I was enjoying every inch of him. Then he just needed to cum, so I got on my back and spread my legs all the way open and let him fuck me as fast as he wanted. He came inside of me and gave me a wet juicy creampie. MMMMM….can’t wait to fuck him again! xxx Desirae

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I’ve always had a crush on one of my ex husbands friends named Adam. I really wanted to fuck him so bad. He was always wearing these shorts that showed a giant bulge in his pants. I was so curious what his cock was going to be like. I wore a sexy pink lingerie outfit with heels & seduced him in my guest room. I loved having his cock in my mouth & tasting his yummy pre cum. When he started to fuck me, I almost came immediately…but I can cum more than once, so I just made it last for a while and kept cumming over and over. I rode him and had even another orgasm. Mmmmmm…..then he shot his hot cum load in my face 😉 Who’s next baby? Is it you? Hope you are having a great day or night….I will chat with you soon! xxx Desirae

Click here for my most recent video journal update: