Hey I have some naughty ass shit in store for you baby!

I am not going to reveal exactly what I am going to share with you just yet. I will tell you this, “It’s going to blow your fucking mind!” nothing you’ve ever seen before!! 😉

today I am going to add some new pictures and video to the members area.



Desirae Spencer

A little playtime with my friends…

I sure do enjoy my playtime with my lovely friends. Here I am with sexy Amber. Her hubby was shooting pictures for a little catalog/magazine, so we decided to go into the garage and pose with the motorcycle. 😉 I just love getting naughty with my friends.
Hope you enjoy the pics, many many more inside, come check out what we did later that day!



Naughty girl scout needs a spanking….

I was doing a live show and decided to dress up a a naughty girl scout. Wanna buy some cookies baby? I had one of my lovers over and we made out on the couch. Then he ate my pussy and I rode his big hard cock….then took his cum in my face. xxx Desirae

here is a free sample preview video for ya:

got some sexy pics to go along with it as well!
kisses and licks baby!




Happy Saturday Baby!

well goodmorning to you sweetie! I hope you are having a relaxing Saturday so far. I have a pretty busy day today. One of my lovers has a boat and he is taking me out to this little island for lunch. I have to grab my bathing suit, and make-up bag. I am not going to wear any make up on the boat, it just doesn’t matter, your hair is like tied back anyways. I will just do it once we get to the restaurant. He told me he has a pretty big boat, so maybe I can just do it on the way there.

I am wearing a sexy little black sundress and high heel sandals. I have never been to this restaurant before. I guess Jimmy Buffet wrote some of his songs there, yeah right…I don’t believe that for a second. lol….they also say they have a brewery there, but I will have to check that out for myself to see. I can’t see how they do, it’s a really small island.

I will try to get some selfies and some pics of me out on the water today. I went on a rampage about my ex husband in my last post, lol. I guess I just needed to vent & that was the outcome. I have many more funny stories about that whole situation. He probably is a member of my site and jacks off to the videos of me with Justn and my other lovers . It was his favorite thing to do after all- watch me with other men. Probably broke his dick again.

I took a few pics for a couple of my latest members. They are younger guys and they sent me a few sexy pictures. It was eye candy for sure.



I love getting member email, it is such a thrill. I sometimes masturbate to their pictures. mmmmm…love that! I got my nails done yesterday:

If you can’t see the color, it’s like a dark blue.


Here’s a little shot of my bathing suit from behind:


It’s blue as well yay! I found some really kinky fetish pictures that I haven’t added to the site yet. I am going to get those put up asap, they are HOT !!! I wore like tall black shiny fetish boots and a rubber type dress. I love wearing sexy kinky clothes and lingerie like this. It turns me on, it always seems to be a hit with my lovers as well. Plus, Justn gets off on it too….so it’s a win win.



Well, I have to get going. I am going to be late as it is. I just wanted to stop in and say “Hi” and that I hope you have a great weekend. I will be posting a new video soon. HOT stuff baby!

kisses to you

My Ex husband sucks ass!

Fuck right now I think I am going to use this spa gift card a member sent to me a while back. It is for like $100 so I can get a nice massage. I have wicked pms right now, omg. Why!??? I hate that! Anyways, I think I will vent some of my frustrations out right here and now! yeah yeah that’s the ticket.

So, I am going to tell you a story about a little boy that couldn’t stop jacking off. He jacked off so much that he would disappear for hours and nobody would hear a thing from him. He put a hole in his mattress so he could pretend to be fucking. Then, the worst possible thing happened. He BROKE it! Yeah! Can you believe it? He used it so much that he broke it, but he’s got some sort of condition which causes nerve issues….so I guess it is understandable. Sad though.
That was actually a true story about my ex husband before I met him. Still, even though I was constantly making him into a cuckold, wearing lingerie, entertaining his ideas about swinging where I had to “Take one for the team.”

One day he was telling me how ugly I was & I had just had enough, I started telling him I wanted a divorce. He would be looking at my pictures and saying evil shit to me about the way I looked. What a scaley faced limp dick prick. He has that fishy skin disorder, where his skin is like a snake almost on his legs….and they are totally skinny. I mean, I never made fun of him. If anything I boosted his stupid self esteem at every opportunity. But that wasn’t good enough for him.

He always wanted more. Once he said that I was trying to interfere with him getting his first “Asian” or his first “Black chic”….He wanted a sampler platter like you get from Applebees of pussy & expected me to help him in his endeavors. He started hooking me up with different guys, and to be honest I really liked them. I started fantasizing about running off with one of them & leaving him and his bullshit behind.

He was super controlling. Told me what to wear & how to have my hair. I think he is really like Bruce Jenner in a way…I think he needs to consider transgender surgery. I know he likes to look at other men’s cocks- so why not just do it. I mean he seems to know more about how a woman should be and act that an actual woman knows….or atleast he thinks so.

He said I would be defying him if I like changed my hair. It was like the beginning to that movie “Sleeping with the Enemy”….without the punching and shit. He hit me more with words than i’ve ever allowed in my life. In the beginning he was sweet, caring, family oriented. Then his true colors came out. He was an opportunistic prick with himself in mind and that was it. He sure didn’t care about his so called “Family”. His mom is a total bitch. I mean this lady is a money grubbing, saggy faced, loose pussy whore. I mean this woman tried to give me tips on make-up or what to wear to please him. How sick is that shit??

Karma is a bitch folks, i’m sure you are inventing some sort of stupid bullshit drama in your pathetic lives- karma doesn’t even need to occur. They are already fucked.

So, needless to say – when I met my sweetheart Justn it was a refreshing change. Plus, his cock was amazing & it never breaks…lmao. He encouraged me to be myself, to not let that cock sucker bring me down anymore. I still have flash backs of him saying, “Buck up” He would constantly say that shit to me.

Anyways, I need to get my contacts prescription done again. I am at my computer A LOT and I get all squinty in the face sometimes due to not being able to see perfectly. I wear my glasses, but they are more for distance….yikes. I went on this live platform deal today, it is super cool. Much better than like random strangers yelling at you and insulting your shit like Meerkat or that other one- starts with a P. lol.

OMG I can’t wait to tell you my next rant/story I have for when my ex did a flying leap and landed face first on the ground after using Viagra. OMG it is hilarious – serioiusly funny stuff.

I hope I get a sexy chic to do my massage tomorrow. mmmmm…love that sensual touch. I am a very down to earth woman that just enjoys being herself whatever that may be at the moment. I don’t really sit around trying to be like somebody else, not my deal. YOLO right?

I am having so much fun writing my little book lately, I have so many crazy stories, that when I tell them to my hubby he sometimes doesn’t believe me. Even though he has more stories than I do at times. We are very similar in that we are just ourselves and not perpetrating to be somebody else or act like we are all rich when we aren’t.

I still owe my ex money, yeah….truth be told it’s a tradgedy for sure. I had a crappy ass lawyer and was really emotionally fucked up during my divorce. It wasn’t because I was losing him, it was because I had been living a lie for so long- that when I woke up it was very difficult to cope. Well, that and the fact that I am crazy. lol. haha well, a little bit yeah. I had to be like super mom & handle shit, …Justn helped me as much as could, but I had to go through the paces myself and really figure out in my head who I really was,…am.

Nowadays I feel much stronger and more secure with my choices. Sure, I make stupid mistakes- I’ve done some silly things I wish I could take back for damn sure. I just have to accept that we all make mistakes in our personal lives and that you can’t keep score in a marriage.

I am getting close to being done redesigning DesiraeSpencer.com. I am super excited about it. 🙂
I found a few pictures I thought you might enjoy

Yet another successful content day

Well, again I have to say it was a good day. I uploaded some new pictures to the VIP Members Only Section. I took some sexy selfies in the shower today and thought I would share, that along with my outfit I wore in my next video update.

Yesterday was a trippy day. I felt out of sorts and all off for some reason. I was stressing or tripping over something, but couldn’t put my finger on it. So, I just went and chilled for a while until I felt back to normal. Ever get that feeling? Like you’ve forgotten to do something, or left something like your wallet behind & you sorta panic. Well, yeah that is exactly how I felt. Today is much better, it was just one of those days. Maybe I was nervous about shooting with Neil, but I doubt it. I was more excited than anything.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done, this lady is like booked up for months in advance. I can’t miss my appointment or certain death, lol. She’s cool though, I can talk with her very easily. I enjoy listening to her tell me about her life and family etc. I’ve been going to her for like 3 years now it seems like, wow. I know thrilling eh?

Today I sucked on a giant cock, there is that a little better? I thought so. For real though, his cock is large & when I suck it hard I have to be careful due to my braces. I should be getting them off next month. I am going to smile like a mother fucker in every single picture for a while. I love sucking cock & any hinderance to that drives me nuts. I like salivate at the thought of it when I am horny.

This morning I was super horny and used the shower massager on my pussy for a little bit. Nothing too crazy, just gettin warmed up for Neil’s cock. I like to tease myself sexually, I hold off on cumming…then let it draw out for longer. I love the long slow fuck sessions, where I feel light headed and about to pass out. You’d think I was into being choked, but I am not. I mean a little choking here and there done right is pretty hot. Just not like full blown passing out shit.

I almost came when his tongue hit my clit, it was so hot and juicy. mmmmm….just thinking about gets me all horny again. I am about to go tanning I think, I haven’t been in a long time. I look like casper the friendly ghost right now. I enjoy a little sun now and then.

We are going out to a cool place tonight for drinks. Maybe I will catch myself a sexy new lover. hehe. I do love it when I get member email. I love seeing sexy pics and just hearing getting to know you better. For real, it is a huge turn on to know you’ve seen me suck, fuck, talk dirty, have girl girl sex, 3somes, strap-on’s etc. I love getting a man hard and finishing him off even stronger.

I hope you have a wonderful evening tonight. I will be live on my webcam at 5pm EST on Friday.

chat with ya soon~
kisses Desirae
ps. Here are a few thumbs from the pictures I took today.