I’ve been a very naughty milf wife…

He Had a Bad Day…



My husband was having a terrible day at work. He called me and I could just hear it in his voice. I told him to come home for his lunch break, that I had some things I would like to talk with him about. My whole objective was to get him home so that I could give him a nice blow job to cheer him up. I know that is always an easy fix for a bad day at work.

I decided to get all dolled up for him as well. I had just purchased some designer stockings, they are the really sheer kind with a seam going up the back. I know how much he loves those. I also put on a sexy pink bustier and wore all of this underneath my clothes. I wanted to do a little strip tease for him once he arrived.

When he came through the door, I could tell he was super bummed out. I couldn’t wait to give him him a little pick me up. I told him to sit down that I wanted to tell him something. He sat down and that is when I started my little stripping routine. I told him I wanted to suck his cock and make him feel better. I was really anxious to get his pants off and get his hard cock into my mouth.

This was a long blowjob movie =) he really wanted me to go slow and take my time. So, I just took my time, I even gave him a little titty job in between. I love to put my hard pink nipples up against the head of his cock. I rub it back and forth….all around in little circles. Then I slide his cock into my mouth again. When it was time for him to cum, I was so excited to see how big his load was going to be. My husband has HUGE cum loads, and it has been a while since I had sucked his cock for this long…..I figured it was going to be the mother load. Well, I was right! It shot all over my face, some streaming into my eye and most of his going right into my mouth.

Yummy, I just love pleasing a man this way.

xxx Desirae

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My big dicked lover came over….

I invited one of my big dicked lovers over for a live show today. I started out by sucking on a good head lolly pop which is supposed to make you salivate like crazy. I went down and started to suck his big hard cock. He tasted so damn good! I had to jump on him for a ride. I slid my wet pussy around his thick cock and started to buck my hips. A little ride turned into a full on fuck festival of lights. I came so hard I thought I might pass out! Then I licked my pussy from his cock and made him cum all over my face. xxx Desirae

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