Hey I have some naughty ass shit in store for you baby!

I am not going to reveal exactly what I am going to share with you just yet. I will tell you this, “It’s going to blow your fucking mind!” nothing you’ve ever seen before!! 😉

today I am going to add some new pictures and video to the members area.



Desirae Spencer

I’ve been a very naughty milf wife…

He Had a Bad Day…



My husband was having a terrible day at work. He called me and I could just hear it in his voice. I told him to come home for his lunch break, that I had some things I would like to talk with him about. My whole objective was to get him home so that I could give him a nice blow job to cheer him up. I know that is always an easy fix for a bad day at work.

I decided to get all dolled up for him as well. I had just purchased some designer stockings, they are the really sheer kind with a seam going up the back. I know how much he loves those. I also put on a sexy pink bustier and wore all of this underneath my clothes. I wanted to do a little strip tease for him once he arrived.

When he came through the door, I could tell he was super bummed out. I couldn’t wait to give him him a little pick me up. I told him to sit down that I wanted to tell him something. He sat down and that is when I started my little stripping routine. I told him I wanted to suck his cock and make him feel better. I was really anxious to get his pants off and get his hard cock into my mouth.

This was a long blowjob movie =) he really wanted me to go slow and take my time. So, I just took my time, I even gave him a little titty job in between. I love to put my hard pink nipples up against the head of his cock. I rub it back and forth….all around in little circles. Then I slide his cock into my mouth again. When it was time for him to cum, I was so excited to see how big his load was going to be. My husband has HUGE cum loads, and it has been a while since I had sucked his cock for this long…..I figured it was going to be the mother load. Well, I was right! It shot all over my face, some streaming into my eye and most of his going right into my mouth.

Yummy, I just love pleasing a man this way.

xxx Desirae

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Seducing my son’s friend….

I am going to be busy most of the day. I have this plan to seduce one of my son’s friend. He came over once & we got introduced. OMG he’s so fucking HOT! I am pretty sure he’s going to be hanging out with my son playing Xbox today. They are getting back from a game, so I was thinking I could sneak into the bathroom while he is taking a shower, or better send my son out on an errand and seduce him unexpectedly. Either way, I am going to take him down!

I will be making a break to chat today at noon, that is if I don’t have my mouth full of young cock!

kisses ~Desirae (here are a few snapshots for ya!) chat with ya soon!

the hazards of reading your ex hard drive

Well, i’ve been lugging around like 8 computers for 11 years. For some reason just felt like they were important or that I would someday pull all of the data off of them and find it usefull. Well, like one of my twitter followers advised me, “Maybe you should have a stiff glass of scotch before you start reading them.” He was right, I should’ve. I had no idea what I was in for to be honest with ya.

The first one was no big deal, a lot of old pictures- turns out that one was mine. I did find a weird content watch file on it though, which I couldn’t figure out. I saved all the photos and then discarded that one.

Then the next one proved to be a lot more interested/horrifying in a way. There were all these pictures of naked guys on it, so I thought it was my old computer- but I didn’t recognize ANY of the images I was looking at. I thought, well…..maybe they are just really old and I don’t remember them. Then, I found a bunch of screen prints & they were of shots of my computer screen. Meaning my ex had put spyware on my computer and was spying on me. LOL what a douche bag. Like I had anything to hide from that fucking psycho. I was like the best wife you can get to that empty vessel of a human being.

Then I got a little more curious about the naked dude pictures, I think I even found a few tranny shots in there. I searched the harddrive and found a bunch of of AFF information and conversations, and they weren’t mine. AFF is adult friend finder if you didn’t know. Anyways, they weren’t to women- and they weren’t mine, so simple logic lead me to the realization that he was talking to other dudes, but posing as me to entice them.

I also found some secret conversations/notes saved emails that were to this bitch I thought was my friend or atleast I had no clue they were talking behind my back. I really could care less at this point, they both can eat shit and die as far as I am concerned.

Whatever…., I found so much weird shit that I’ve got that hard drive sitting in the garage- I don’t want to see anymore. I have to be honest, I really had no idea of any bisexual tendencies for the most part. However, this was this one beach he would always insist on going to. He wanted to go for walks there for hours. I didn’t think anything of it until my dog started barking hysterically at some dude in the bushes. I looked over and saw this guy, no joke…beating off in the bushes. Being the outspoken gal that I am, I said, “Put that shit away! My dog thinks it’s a sausage!” I know, I know…kinda lame come back to seeing that, but I was caught off guard.

Then the farther down the beach we got and the more I looked around, i realized this is a gay hook up beach. “What the fuck am I even doing here!?” I thought, and to add to it I called the place “Stinky Beach”. I called it that because sometimes, most of the time there was like red tide there and it was smelly. Now Stinky Beach has a whole new meaning to me.

I even told him, “This is kinda weird, what are we doing here?” He was like, “Don’t worry about it, it’s funny.” I said,, ” Funny like haha or funny that you are enjoying this?” That spurred a gigantic fight – guess I hit a nerve. Needless to say, I stopped going with him for his “Walks” on stinky beach. Looking back now it all makes sense now.

I hesitate even writing this shit down, considering it is personal- however after being raped in court over my content by my ex- I don’t feel so bad. I had to literally pay for my own site and it didn’t come cheap. I really had a crappy ass lawyer – and I wasn’t having a mental breakdown at the time of our divorce for real. It wasn’t because I was losing my husband either. It was because It was a fucked up relationship to begin with, all about him attempting to control me. Making me wear hats everywhere I went. Never letting me be around if there were workers at the house. Yet, when it came to swinging or him getting a new piece of ass- he would insult me. 

Tell me I wasn’t very good looking etc. just mental abuse type of bullshit. Just a way of trying to control another human being.

I remember once he set up this date with these people I wasn’t really into meeting, but I went anyways. I knew the night was going to end badly because I started ordering shots of Jaegermeister. That was a sure clue that I was going to go nuts.

He was furious with me & we were about 1 hour away from home. He jumps out of the car like a total lunatic, so I just said “Fuck you” and left him there in the street. I drove home – my mind racing, feeling free. It was a nice moment for me.

All of the good content on the website is because of me. Not only that, I built a whole different set of websites with content shot in LA. He got those in the divorce as well. Even though he knew absolutely nothing about how to build even a simple webpage. He was trying to get me to teach him, what a prick.

I refer to him now as the stunt cock. He didn’t talk dirty, he didn’t pose, all he did was get off and he thought he was some sort of a hero.

Nowadays, I am rebuilding my affiliate program for my sites, It’s a way for others to promote my site(s) and make other webmasters money. I’ve had one in place for a long time, just needed to redo it basically. It is taking some time, but I feel it will be totally worth it. I learned how to do everything by myself with the help of books and just basic research. Sometimes I feel like writing a book on how to build your own porn empire/site for those girls that always seem to get taken advantage of in this industry. I don’t know if anybody would read it, or put it to use. But most people in the porn business are hush hush about how they do things, like it’s some big secret.

I see so many beautiful women out there on for example twitter. I think to myself, if that girl wanted a website I could make her so much fucking money it would be ridiculous. I even put up a Models Wanted banner on my website some time ago, but didn’t get much of a response, so I took it down.

I have built over 25 websites that all made good money. The ones that I kept in the divorce are of course Naughtyathome.com, Mywifeashley.com, Sharingparis.com and Sweetkacey. They are full of naughty content. My ex-husband just takes content from one site and basically had me rearrange it to form another site (s) So on the tubes, it shows a lot of different sites, but the secret is – it’s all the same shit just recycled in a different way. Spoiler Alert!!! lmao

I am always looking for new guys to work with as well for Naughtyathome.com & Desiraespencer.com. So if you are seriously interested in working with me, please contact me in my members area. The way I see it, if you can’t throw down 30 bucks to get in touch with me, then you aren’t serious about really working with me.

It’s a good way to see the type of content I shoot and that in most cases I don’t show your face unless you insist upon it. I have found that most people are very paranoid about being seen on internet, and I understand that.

My site has been a huge success overall, just lost out in court due to being overly stressed and bullied around. Sometimes women don’t make out all that good in divorce settlements – it’s unfortunate. If I could turn back time that is one thing I would change for sure.

I am reporting my lawyer for some of the crooked shit she did …..this post is getting boring to me.

So, I am going to end here and go get ready for my live chat today at 3pm. I also have a new video to load and that takes time.

Hope you had a great week so far, can’t believe it is Friday tomorrow. Time just flies sometimes.



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kisses Des (that is my nickname)

Naughty 4 some experience….

Well yesterday it was fun chatting for a while in the afternoon. Today I am scheduled to chat at 1pm EST. Hope you can make it.

I wrote about a naughty experience I had recently: (happened last weekend.)
This weekend we had just the best experience with swinging!! We met up
with a hot couple at a really cool bar downtown. We had a big giant
black booth….and there was awesome lighting~ a really cool vibe. We
started having drinks, and then more drinks…..and pretty soon I just
blurted out how much we liked them and what they would like to do next.
She invited us over to their house, however it was a really long ways
away so we decided to go to our place which was somewhat closer. We got
inside and I immediately dimmed the lights. I love candle light and nice
music, that is just my thing. I got the music going and we all sat down
on the couch and talked for a bit. I ran downstairs and cleaned up my
bedroom, just in case any action was going to take place. I was shoving
things under the bed like crazy! lol.

After about a half an hour
of chatting, Justn says to her, “I wanna see your butt”. Yes, he
actually said that. She wasn’t even phased by it, she hopped right up
and ran over to show him her butt….so I showed my ass to her husband.
Then from there I said, “why don’t we head down to the bedroom….” So
down we went, the room was dimly lit and very romantic and sexy. I was
just happy I had it all nice and ready for them when they came in. Just
went off to the bathroom which left the three of us just standing and
sitting on the bed. I decided I was just going to take my top off….and
so I did. I practically ripped it off and I heard her husband say, “Oh
yeah!” which really turned me on. Then she got up on her knees by me and
took off her top. She has huge D breasts, very full….and her body was
to die for. She is a bikini model in Hawaii at certain times of the
year, so you can imagine. Tan skin, great ass…about 5’4″ long darkish
blonde hair with streaks in it. Big blue eyes and a smile that would
just melt you in two seconds. Her husband was no slouch either, he
looked just like Matthew Mconoghe (sp?). Tall Blonde hair, blue
eyes….the best smile…..and not only that! As we started to
kiss….Justn walked in and was like, “Wow, hey there!” He walked over
and just started to touch our asses. I wanted her to lie back on the
bed…so I sorta pushed her gently back. She fell back and I kissed her
some more….then Justn jumped in and just started to kiss her and slowly
move his way down to her sweet pussy. He pulled off her panties, and
exposed her fully shaved little kitty….he dove right in and started to
lick her softly.

I loved watching him, but not enough to stop
me from jumping to the other side of the bed to tend to her handsome
husband. He was standing there with his shirt off, yummy….nice abs on
him. I started to try to undo his belt, but was having difficulty so he
helped me out. When I pulled down his boxers I almost gasped. I could
not believe how big and thick his cock was. It was fantastic!! I think
the first thing I did was just get down and start sucking on it. I
could’nt get my mouth all the way around….I literally had to open my
mouth as wide as I possibly could to just get it inside. I loved the
feel of his dick, and my pussy was getting totally wet as I sucked him
off. As I am writing this now I am getting aroused….I swear I can
still smell him…..he drove me wild.

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Monday morning blahs

Well, it is Monday and I am having a hard time motivating myself to get to work. I have to go to the gym also, arrg! Usually I am totally into it, but today I have a case of the blahs. Maybe I will call my friend Jeff and see if he wants to meet for lunch or go to the gym with me or something. I am visiting tonight with members at 7pm EST. so, that will be awesome.

I have three dogs that are just cute as hell right now. They have their own instagram account with like 840 followers. I think it’s hilarious. I dress them up in stupid shit and people like their pictures….I guess they are attention whores like their mama is. hehe just kidding. Here are a few pics of my dogs, along with some snapshots of the day:


Hope your Monday is going well. I hope to chat with you soon! kisses

Porn business….famous or not

I was in my live free chat area the other day, and I had an interesting conversation with a guy that I wanted to talk about. You see, he was saying how famous I was, and I was like, well….I don’t actually FEEL that famous. I mean, I lead a pretty ordinary day to day life outside of making amateur porn. He wanted to know if I’ve ever been approached in a “Creepy” way, or if I have ever been stalked or followed.

I thought about it for a little bit and told him that “No” I haven’t really been approached in a creepy way at all. In fact, I hardly ever get approached in general. I can’t count about ten to fifteen times I’ve been approached since 2001. I can remember pretty much all of them in detail. There was only one or two times that I really got uncomfortable due to being with my kids.

In that situation we were out to dinner in Seattle. I was with two girlfriends and my kids – who were teenagers at the time. A very cute younger guy – looked like he was a frat boy or something, came over to the table and was like,….”I don’t mean to interrupt your dinner, but I know you….” The only thing I could think to say was. “Um,…no you don’t”. Looking back I could’ve stepped aside and talked to him in private, but I was in the middle of eating my dinner and chatting with girlfriends. He kept persisiting that he KNEW me, and truth be told he did- he just couldn’t place it somehow. After we left, my girlfriends were like, “Omg, that guy was so cute, I don’t get approached like that ever.” I laughed it off and said, “Whatever….that was just weird.” My friends are aware of the business that I do, so they knew what was happening. One of them had told me previously that she didn’t believe that I ever got approached about online porn. Well, that pretty much solved that riddle for her.

The next even I remember being a little bit odd was when I was at toys r us looking for a gift for one of my girlfriends son’s birthday. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was a guy peeking down the isle at me, the first time I just let it go…thinking it was nothing. Then I kept seeing him over and over in the store. Again, i was with my kids so, it wasn’t like I could stop and chat. So, as I was leaving the store I watched my back….walked to my car and started to drive away. I didn’t think much of anything, until I saw a red bmw closely following me & I could faintly make out the driver as the guy from the store.

I was driving a lexus is350 at the time, so I took off on the freeway and lost him in traffic. My kids completely oblivious to it all. Then I got home and when I checked my email there was one from a guy who said he saw me at Toys r Us and then gave my license plate number to me. lol. Well, that just confirmed my idea that I was being followed. I honestly don’t think the guy meant any harm, he told me I looked more beautiful in person. (Even though I was just in regular clothes and my hair in a pony tail with no make-up on) I found it flattering really.

When I am approached and I am by myself, I handle it perfectly. In fact, even when I am not by myself, I consider myself savvy about it. I just say, “Thanks…” and smile big at them, sometimes giving them a wink and that’s that. If I am by myself, well….there are no rules, I sometimes get their phone numbers and we chat or text, I’ve even met up with a guy a few times that recognized me in person at the gym. That turned out to be super HOT. Now, I am a dirty talker and I love to get nasty in bed, so sometimes I have to admit in the past I felt the pressure to sort of go overboard sexually to keep up with the personality you see on my website. Even though, that is really how I am in bed….I still felt a pressure a few times. I am over that now. I just do my thing.

The one time I was concerned about being recognized, was on my birthday out at a club with my new husband. We were approached by many swinging couples, which was totally HOT! But then there was this one guy- he looked a bit older, not sure his age. Anyhow, he was what I call “Hover crafting” around our table for hours. Finally I think he got enough drinks in him and decided to make his approach, and approach he did! He came baffling over and started almost yelling- Desirae…Desirae! My husband wasn’t too happy about it at that moment due to the drunkness and just the way he was handling himself. So, my husband stood up….then the bouncer and manager (who we know personally) came over and intervened. The escorted the guy away from us and all was good. It turned out to be one of the best birthday nights out ever. I still wasn’t offended, absolutely flattered, just didn’t really know how to handle him in his state of mind.

Yes, I am a little different in person that I am on camera. I think most “porn” or “amateur porn” girls are. I mean Kacey Kox as you probably knew her was competely different in person than on camera. She was a great girl, I know she’s doing very well now. Atleast I hope she still is. She wanted to come back and do a non nude website due to her having a child now. I used to go over to her house to take pictures of her before that, and we would laugh hysterically because I called her pussy a cooter or something. I was like, “Ok, time for the cooter shot….” She rolled out laughing. She was a very passionate girl and very strong in my opinion. I liked her a lot. She told me she got recognized quite a bit back in the day right after she broke up with Mr. Marcus.

I always had a good rapore with the girls I worked with on a personal level. The only time things got nasty between us was when – I’ll just say it. Amber had a crappy boyfriend named Randy at the time. He was calling the shots then, I am hoping she’s in a better place now. Anyways, my stupid Ex husband didn’t offer him the deal he wanted for a site, so they took the money and decided to try to make us not use any of the content we paid good money for.

I honestly think Amber is a good person at heart, it was just a fucked up situation. She knew it was my right to use her images etc. and even said so. Regardless, I still used the images & we had some stupid twitter battle a while back, but that’s history. It was Randy the skinny jerk off boyfriend that bragged about shitting on some guys hood because he wronged him somehow. I think he was just a wanna be pimp or worse. Me and Amber had went to the mall and had a great time together, so I am hoping she just remembers that and not all the silly Randy and Eric bs. Both of which are out of both of our lives forever hopefully.

I remember this one sweet model named Alissa showed up & we were in the bathroom getting all dolled up. She said, “You know I have a pistol in my bag….” Somehow it was funny to me, but I thought it was very smart of her to carry it just in case. In my situation I knew she was in a very good place and that she would be treated with total respect etc. We became quick friends and laughed about it later.

There was one time that my ex husband Eric decided to hire a russian model, she was very beautiful and tall…quite shy. I was more into chemistry between the girls, yes…..they have to sign a release etc. but I still wanted chemistry and good vibes. When I kissed her lips she let out a sweet sigh….and her eyes rolled back in pleasure. I found this very sexy. We used a strap on and had a good time. Eric wasn’t even involved. At the end, she had sex with her Manager guy- idk it was weird. I could tell she just wanted it over with, and when it was she asked me to smell her hair. Asked me if it smelled like cum, that she didn’t want her boyfriend to find out. I was shocked that she was out doing porn and he had no idea. I told her her hair smelled great, and she was on her way. She was only 19 years old, I kinda hated that manager guy after that. he was just creepy to me.

I got off track there. There are so many girls and guys I would love to talk about, but this isn’t a novel…it’s a blog post. I will write some more experiences later for you to hear….I just don’t have the time at moment to go through all of them.

So to wrap it up here. No, I don’t feel “Famous” I feel like a normal wife, mom, person etc. I have been banned from my father’s life due to porn I am assuming, we were never that close anyways. He has a temper and issues. Just glad I got good genes from him basically. My mom has always been supportive. One time I told her I had to go mail off a package – she was all curiuos about it, so I said, “yes, mom…I sell my panties.” She laughed and was like, “Do you really?” …I was like yes I do and it’s awesome.

Wow, I really went off in this post. I know I have haters out there, but I think that if you don’t have hater’s then you must be doing something wrong. 🙂 I am pretty sure that if you met me in person you would instantly feel comfortable and know I am a cool chic right from the jump.

I don’t do mainstream porn not because I have a problem with it. I don’t do it, because it’s out of my comfort zone & I want control over my videos. Also, I prefer an amateur setting, more real…more chemistry. I mean don’t get me wrong, I watch the crap out of those babes & they amaze me with the way they fuck & I’m sure sometimes they get off genuinely all the time. I’m sure those hot bodies have chemistry flying all over the place….some girls can flip a switch and be comfortable with any situation. I guess, to be honest I am a ltitle shy about that aspect. It’s hard to draw the line between reality and fantasy sometimes. I would probably ending up laughing or saying the wrong line or some silly shit. I think mainstream porn girls that are doing well are brave and sexy & hopefully are proud of themselves – vs. hating their decisions later. Man, just starting to talk about that is like opening a can of worms- or better yet, a can of whoop ass.

I’m just doing my own thing. I just didn’t want to sign a release and have my content used in a way I had no control over. It’s pretty understandable. I have had my porn crushes both male and female. I worked with Sara Stone once, and she was without a doubt the sweetest girl ever. We just did a girl girl scene & playing with those giant boobs of hers was like heaven. That was out in LA, I haven’t been out there to shoot any scenes since.

I get a ton of requests to do BBC. I get a lot of requests to work with certain girls and guys as well. So many requests, so little time. Wish I could do all of it, but reality is- a lot of guys I am with don’t want their faces shown at all, same with girls I play with. They want to keep that part of their life totally private due to family reasons and I respect that. So there is even more sex going on in my life behind the scenes.

I want to give a shout out to Anna Miller – she is a totally hot swinger babe. I have never met her, but admire her style and hope that her and Bruce are doing well. I know Wifey doesn’t do any swinging to my knowledge, but she’s seems incredibly smart and funny- I do feature her inside of my website as well. I was pissed off at Naughty Allie for a long time because I felt like I was being copied and my ideas being trampled on, but they are great at what they do…..and immitation is the highest form of flattery. so I am over it. I have changed my site a ton since those days, so it doesn’t look similar at all anymore. She did dub herself the dirty talking girl next door. That was after I dubbed myself that, so I changed it to your dirty talking wife next door, or your dirty talking milf. After I came out with Naughty at Home, there was a huge surge of Naughty this Naughty that…Naughty everything. Even Naughty America came out after I did. lol. I see a lot of Naughty’s on twitter too, then it seemed like girls were using “at home” at the end of all of their sites. Vicky Vette is a total babe & she used the athome deal as well. Not even sure if any of the girls I mentioned will read this, probably not lol.

Again, it’s just flattery….and I wish them all the best. Hope I have inspired some women out there to do their own sites & that it has improved their lives. I don’t take any credit for a name, but when I see “at home” or “Naughty blah blah blah” I laugh. Barbi Sinclair even said I was her inspiration on her website once. I was like , “Wow” that’s pretty fucking cool. She does a lot of BBC and totally naughty shit.

I hope I am not coming across as bitchy here, not bitching- just woke up and felt like writing down some thoughts. It started out by me talking about getting recognized from my websites. If you see me in person- I will say Hi and am a genuinely nice person. Just notice who I am with or if I am on a date or something, wink at me instead something subtle like that would be cool 😉

I am taking a break from dating sites for a little bit. I have a pretty large group of regular lovers that I have fun with on the side, but will be on the hunt soon I am sure. My hubby Justn is a total hottie, so if you are a swinger couple- hit me up on twitter or better yet, email us. All the girls like him, and it is refreshing to not be with a creep anymore that was selfish and greedy, plus he’s got a GREAT cock! hehe.

Hope you have a great day!

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kisses ~Desirae

bout to hit the gym

Well, I am all dressed for the gym this morning, got my hair in a towel….looking forward to a nice workout (yeah right lol) I do enjoy the endorphines though. I’ve been doing a ton of live shows lately. here are a few of them:


Lots of toys and interaction – and don’t forget the dirty talk! I go off!! I just love knowing that you are watching me, it is such a huge turn on. I love pretending that you are here with me and we are getting off together.

I hope you join me today at 1pm EST for a FREE visitors chat! Then I have a Members Only Live Sex show tonight at 6pm. You can always look at my schedule which is on this page:

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