No make up shots :)

I love my baby…sent him these pics before we met in person…The first photo he said, “You have trouble meeting guys?”. I laughed, I actually am quite eccentric, so yes I do. A few days before we met he asked for no make-up pics…he tells me that I am beautiful…That I don’t need a ton of make-up at all…it’s nice to trust a good man for the first time ever.

I do require TONS of sex…this intimacy makes me horny all the time. I mean ALL of the time, not just saying that.

i don’t alter myself to suite him. It is perfect for me. Unconditional love is sweet. I am finally done with drama.

I have a surprise for him. It’s a threesome with a hot busty asian teen. 🙂 He has no idea hehe…I am just as insane as you. I love 3d hentai monster porn – omg do I ever love it.



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