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Hello there, and happy Sunday afternoon to ya. If you are reading this and it isn’t Sunday, just remember I update my blog a lot- so I am bound to hit you at the right time sooner or later lol.

Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but I am always busy doing shit. I got up pretty early, felt like I had a bit of a hangover which is weird because I didn’t really drink much the night before. Then I remembered I had had a beer after a vodka and pineapple juice….that’s what did me in for sure. I am not that much of a beer drinker, but sometimes it just hits the spot. Especially with Pizza hehe.

Last night I met one of my lovers and we had a true blast!! I wore silky panties and some lingerie underneath my short mini skirt. I wore some sexy high heels. I just love the way it feels to put on silky stockings, just running my hands over my thighs feels so sensual. Gets me hot and bothered for sure. He wore jeans and a nice shirt- mmmmm his cologne smelled so delicious. He has a short beard that I really love running my fingers through.

We had some appetizers and drinks, and then started touching each other under the table. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other, then when he leaned in for a kiss….the kiss was deep and long. My panties saturated, I moaned a low sigh…and we both wanted to head back to his place.

When we got there, we had a glass of wine and just sat on the couch talking. I slipped off my shoes and started to rub his cock through his jeans with my foot. He grabbed ahold of my foot and started to give me a sensual foot massage. He wasn’t tickling or anything, has his technique down. 🙂

We were started laughing like a couple of kids about some shit we saw on tv, and then he leaned over the top of me. Pressing me against the soft couch, I felt me resistance completely drop. I felt helpless against my desire for him. I dissolved into our kissing, floating and then sinking further and further into true passion. I whispered, “I want you.” silently in his ear, then I licked the side of his neck and let him feel the heat of my breath slithering all around his ear. I was so horny I could barely stand it.

He plunged deeper into our kiss and with that I felt his hand sliding up underneath my skirt to embrace my silky panties with his fingers. Mmmm…..just knowing he was about to finger my pussy made me gush even more. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in closer. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my eager juicy pussy.

I turned on the camera for a while and we started getting really nasty. Tounging each other all over, in and out, up and down, never getting enough.

I will let you watch the video inside…

Meanwhile, today I feel like I went horse back riding all day yesterday, lmao. I am working on redesigning this website. It is my official site now. So, you will see a lot of stimulating changes.

I hope you have a nice day, afternoon, or evening. I will be in touch.


Naughty Secretary Position….

I needed to make some extra cash recently, so I got a job as a bookkeeper. I found one at a local construction company. My boss was really cute and we hit it off right away. His name is Rick & I really wanted to bring him home. After analyzing his books, I just went ahead and flirted with him and invited him back to my place for lunch. Hubby was out of town, so I knew we would have the whole house to ourselves. I loved the way he kissed and undressed me slowly. Then I went down and felt his hard cock through his pants. I pulled him out and oh boy did he have a nice thick cock for me! I sucked him off for a while and then I just had to fuck him. I rode him reverse cowgirl for a while and then he fucked me from behind. We ended up in the 69 position where he came in mouth. Nothing like a good dose of sperm for lunch, a girls gotta get her protein in. lol xxx Desirae

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Hey sexy!

Well, yet another eventful day for me! I met one of my members today at a local bar we go to. He was even cuter in person than his pictures. He is trying to talk me into a little vacation/trip to Las Vegas this weekend. I am not sure if I am going to go or not. Anyways, we had a couple of drinks at the bar and then headed back to his hotel. He had it all decked out with like rose pedals on the bed, champagne chilling…even chocolates! I was so excited and happy that I just started kissing him passionately while we stood near the doorway. I think we made the bellman blush a little bit. hehe…I got so wet just from his juicy lips, I wanted to ravage his body like an animal right then and there. Of course we waited for the bellman to leave, although I bet he wanted to watch what was going to happen, lol….(continued in members area)
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Hi there sexy! I wanted to let you know that I do private one on one shows in my members area.  Just click on “Contact” once inside and you will see the link. Here are a few snapshots I took from my last cam session. Shout out to Jason and Brad for the sexiest live cam 2 cam shows ever!! You guys rock! kisses….Desirae


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