No make up shots :)

I love my baby…sent him these pics before we met in person…The first photo he said, “You have trouble meeting guys?”. I laughed, I actually am quite eccentric, so yes I do. A few days before we met he asked for no make-up pics…he tells me that I am beautiful…That I don’t need a ton of make-up at all…it’s nice to trust a good man for the first time ever.

I do require TONS of sex…this intimacy makes me horny all the time. I mean ALL of the time, not just saying that.

i don’t alter myself to suite him. It is perfect for me. Unconditional love is sweet. I am finally done with drama.

I have a surprise for him. It’s a threesome with a hot busty asian teen. 🙂 He has no idea hehe…I am just as insane as you. I love 3d hentai monster porn – omg do I ever love it.



New Members Only Blog


Welcome to my new members blog 🙂

I am re-designing my members area. 🙂 Much easier to navigate on your phone or desktop.

I am uploading 2 new videos this weekend. The first involves my sexy lover using an anal glass dildo on me. The next is a bdsm style (tame) video of me restraining him to my bed. I am wearing a black lace thong teddy and bright red heels.

I practiced using some of my new toys. A flogger, a feather tickler, ball gag, blindfold, nylon rope, and an oral fleshlight masturbator. It’s a very natural, real video…no hot lighting or interruptions.


ps. Mailing out store orders on Monday…

Well, January is just about over now…

Yes, I am in shock that January is almost over now. It feels like it just started to me! I have a lot of exciting things plan for this year & my website. Right now it is super early, 5:18 am….I woke up after some weird dreams. I love getting up early regardless, It is nice to have the peace and quiet and just do whatever I want.

I am going to go make a cup of coffee, I will brb…..

It’s not like I don’t do whatever I want anyways, it’s just that there is something so peaceful about the early mornings. I am watching a series called New Girl right now on Netflix. Don’t tell me anything about it, I am on like episode 15 of the first season. I am also watching Orange is the New Black , still on the first season. Usually I don’t get into series shows, well except like Sopranos, Dexter, a little of the Walking Dead and Hung. New Girl makes me laugh every single time….and I love to laugh.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. I went up north about an hour to visit one of my lovers. We at breakfast in bed after a long night of passionate sex. I am super into him, we just click sexually and share the same sense of humor. Did I mention he has a beautiful penis? lol. Yes, it’s true….it is so lovely. I just love the way he tastes….mmmm….Well I am off, we are shooting a new video today.

Chat with ya soon!

xxx Desirae

flashback to Las Vegas

I found these pics of me in Las Vegas recently. I thought they were super sexy, so I put them up on the website in the members area. I was dancing during this time, so I was like stick skinny, but I love my ass now- much more to grab hehe. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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