Hey I have some naughty ass shit in store for you baby!

I am not going to reveal exactly what I am going to share with you just yet. I will tell you this, “It’s going to blow your fucking mind!” nothing you’ve ever seen before!! 😉

today I am going to add some new pictures and video to the members area.



Desirae Spencer

Naughty member fuck session!

The names have been changed to protect the innocent…I have been corresponding with this member for years now. He is married. However, we did have an incredible suck and fuck session in my bed the other night. I just loved that his cock was so much bigger and thicker and my ex-husbands’. I stroked him and sucked him off and then rode his did until I came all over his nice big thick cock. I was so excited to ride him and feel him driving his hard dick into me from behind. I haven’t been fucked this nice and hard for a while & I loved it. The only part I loved more was taking his cum load in my eager mouth and swallowing his juices. xxx Desirae

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xxx Desirae

Some sexy pics for you to enjoy on This Titty Tuesday!

Hey sweetie!

I hope you are having a great day today! I have been super busy with so many details of things – I am finally back on track to doing exactly what I LOVE & that is being a naughty milf wife~ Enjoying the rewards of being in an open marriage where I am able to play with other men. I know for some this type of marriage wouldn’t work, but right now – it is like heaven. Here are some pics for you to enjoy. I hope to hear from you soon! I am on snapchat right now, if I haven’t added you yet, just wait! I am going bananas with this thing! (snapchat user- desireae_spencer)


the hazards of reading your ex hard drive

Well, i’ve been lugging around like 8 computers for 11 years. For some reason just felt like they were important or that I would someday pull all of the data off of them and find it usefull. Well, like one of my twitter followers advised me, “Maybe you should have a stiff glass of scotch before you start reading them.” He was right, I should’ve. I had no idea what I was in for to be honest with ya.

The first one was no big deal, a lot of old pictures- turns out that one was mine. I did find a weird content watch file on it though, which I couldn’t figure out. I saved all the photos and then discarded that one.

Then the next one proved to be a lot more interested/horrifying in a way. There were all these pictures of naked guys on it, so I thought it was my old computer- but I didn’t recognize ANY of the images I was looking at. I thought, well…..maybe they are just really old and I don’t remember them. Then, I found a bunch of screen prints & they were of shots of my computer screen. Meaning my ex had put spyware on my computer and was spying on me. LOL what a douche bag. Like I had anything to hide from that fucking psycho. I was like the best wife you can get to that empty vessel of a human being.

Then I got a little more curious about the naked dude pictures, I think I even found a few tranny shots in there. I searched the harddrive and found a bunch of of AFF information and conversations, and they weren’t mine. AFF is adult friend finder if you didn’t know. Anyways, they weren’t to women- and they weren’t mine, so simple logic lead me to the realization that he was talking to other dudes, but posing as me to entice them.

I also found some secret conversations/notes saved emails that were to this bitch I thought was my friend or atleast I had no clue they were talking behind my back. I really could care less at this point, they both can eat shit and die as far as I am concerned.

Whatever…., I found so much weird shit that I’ve got that hard drive sitting in the garage- I don’t want to see anymore. I have to be honest, I really had no idea of any bisexual tendencies for the most part. However, this was this one beach he would always insist on going to. He wanted to go for walks there for hours. I didn’t think anything of it until my dog started barking hysterically at some dude in the bushes. I looked over and saw this guy, no joke…beating off in the bushes. Being the outspoken gal that I am, I said, “Put that shit away! My dog thinks it’s a sausage!” I know, I know…kinda lame come back to seeing that, but I was caught off guard.

Then the farther down the beach we got and the more I looked around, i realized this is a gay hook up beach. “What the fuck am I even doing here!?” I thought, and to add to it I called the place “Stinky Beach”. I called it that because sometimes, most of the time there was like red tide there and it was smelly. Now Stinky Beach has a whole new meaning to me.

I even told him, “This is kinda weird, what are we doing here?” He was like, “Don’t worry about it, it’s funny.” I said,, ” Funny like haha or funny that you are enjoying this?” That spurred a gigantic fight – guess I hit a nerve. Needless to say, I stopped going with him for his “Walks” on stinky beach. Looking back now it all makes sense now.

I hesitate even writing this shit down, considering it is personal- however after being raped in court over my content by my ex- I don’t feel so bad. I had to literally pay for my own site and it didn’t come cheap. I really had a crappy ass lawyer – and I wasn’t having a mental breakdown at the time of our divorce for real. It wasn’t because I was losing my husband either. It was because It was a fucked up relationship to begin with, all about him attempting to control me. Making me wear hats everywhere I went. Never letting me be around if there were workers at the house. Yet, when it came to swinging or him getting a new piece of ass- he would insult me. 

Tell me I wasn’t very good looking etc. just mental abuse type of bullshit. Just a way of trying to control another human being.

I remember once he set up this date with these people I wasn’t really into meeting, but I went anyways. I knew the night was going to end badly because I started ordering shots of Jaegermeister. That was a sure clue that I was going to go nuts.

He was furious with me & we were about 1 hour away from home. He jumps out of the car like a total lunatic, so I just said “Fuck you” and left him there in the street. I drove home – my mind racing, feeling free. It was a nice moment for me.

All of the good content on the website is because of me. Not only that, I built a whole different set of websites with content shot in LA. He got those in the divorce as well. Even though he knew absolutely nothing about how to build even a simple webpage. He was trying to get me to teach him, what a prick.

I refer to him now as the stunt cock. He didn’t talk dirty, he didn’t pose, all he did was get off and he thought he was some sort of a hero.

Nowadays, I am rebuilding my affiliate program for my sites, It’s a way for others to promote my site(s) and make other webmasters money. I’ve had one in place for a long time, just needed to redo it basically. It is taking some time, but I feel it will be totally worth it. I learned how to do everything by myself with the help of books and just basic research. Sometimes I feel like writing a book on how to build your own porn empire/site for those girls that always seem to get taken advantage of in this industry. I don’t know if anybody would read it, or put it to use. But most people in the porn business are hush hush about how they do things, like it’s some big secret.

I see so many beautiful women out there on for example twitter. I think to myself, if that girl wanted a website I could make her so much fucking money it would be ridiculous. I even put up a Models Wanted banner on my website some time ago, but didn’t get much of a response, so I took it down.

I have built over 25 websites that all made good money. The ones that I kept in the divorce are of course Naughtyathome.com, Mywifeashley.com, Sharingparis.com and Sweetkacey. They are full of naughty content. My ex-husband just takes content from one site and basically had me rearrange it to form another site (s) So on the tubes, it shows a lot of different sites, but the secret is – it’s all the same shit just recycled in a different way. Spoiler Alert!!! lmao

I am always looking for new guys to work with as well for Naughtyathome.com & Desiraespencer.com. So if you are seriously interested in working with me, please contact me in my members area. The way I see it, if you can’t throw down 30 bucks to get in touch with me, then you aren’t serious about really working with me.

It’s a good way to see the type of content I shoot and that in most cases I don’t show your face unless you insist upon it. I have found that most people are very paranoid about being seen on internet, and I understand that.

My site has been a huge success overall, just lost out in court due to being overly stressed and bullied around. Sometimes women don’t make out all that good in divorce settlements – it’s unfortunate. If I could turn back time that is one thing I would change for sure.

I am reporting my lawyer for some of the crooked shit she did …..this post is getting boring to me.

So, I am going to end here and go get ready for my live chat today at 3pm. I also have a new video to load and that takes time.

Hope you had a great week so far, can’t believe it is Friday tomorrow. Time just flies sometimes.



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kisses Des (that is my nickname)

Naughty 4 some experience….

Well yesterday it was fun chatting for a while in the afternoon. Today I am scheduled to chat at 1pm EST. Hope you can make it.

I wrote about a naughty experience I had recently: (happened last weekend.)
This weekend we had just the best experience with swinging!! We met up
with a hot couple at a really cool bar downtown. We had a big giant
black booth….and there was awesome lighting~ a really cool vibe. We
started having drinks, and then more drinks…..and pretty soon I just
blurted out how much we liked them and what they would like to do next.
She invited us over to their house, however it was a really long ways
away so we decided to go to our place which was somewhat closer. We got
inside and I immediately dimmed the lights. I love candle light and nice
music, that is just my thing. I got the music going and we all sat down
on the couch and talked for a bit. I ran downstairs and cleaned up my
bedroom, just in case any action was going to take place. I was shoving
things under the bed like crazy! lol.

After about a half an hour
of chatting, Justn says to her, “I wanna see your butt”. Yes, he
actually said that. She wasn’t even phased by it, she hopped right up
and ran over to show him her butt….so I showed my ass to her husband.
Then from there I said, “why don’t we head down to the bedroom….” So
down we went, the room was dimly lit and very romantic and sexy. I was
just happy I had it all nice and ready for them when they came in. Just
went off to the bathroom which left the three of us just standing and
sitting on the bed. I decided I was just going to take my top off….and
so I did. I practically ripped it off and I heard her husband say, “Oh
yeah!” which really turned me on. Then she got up on her knees by me and
took off her top. She has huge D breasts, very full….and her body was
to die for. She is a bikini model in Hawaii at certain times of the
year, so you can imagine. Tan skin, great ass…about 5’4″ long darkish
blonde hair with streaks in it. Big blue eyes and a smile that would
just melt you in two seconds. Her husband was no slouch either, he
looked just like Matthew Mconoghe (sp?). Tall Blonde hair, blue
eyes….the best smile…..and not only that! As we started to
kiss….Justn walked in and was like, “Wow, hey there!” He walked over
and just started to touch our asses. I wanted her to lie back on the
bed…so I sorta pushed her gently back. She fell back and I kissed her
some more….then Justn jumped in and just started to kiss her and slowly
move his way down to her sweet pussy. He pulled off her panties, and
exposed her fully shaved little kitty….he dove right in and started to
lick her softly.

I loved watching him, but not enough to stop
me from jumping to the other side of the bed to tend to her handsome
husband. He was standing there with his shirt off, yummy….nice abs on
him. I started to try to undo his belt, but was having difficulty so he
helped me out. When I pulled down his boxers I almost gasped. I could
not believe how big and thick his cock was. It was fantastic!! I think
the first thing I did was just get down and start sucking on it. I
could’nt get my mouth all the way around….I literally had to open my
mouth as wide as I possibly could to just get it inside. I loved the
feel of his dick, and my pussy was getting totally wet as I sucked him
off. As I am writing this now I am getting aroused….I swear I can
still smell him…..he drove me wild.

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Cheating Wife Gets Naughty…

Cheating on my husband: While I was moving into my new office I ran across a box of unreleased videos. One of which was me cheating on my husband with my favorite lover Jeremy. My husband told me he was away on business, but I really think he was just out fucking around. I didn’t mind because I was totally excited to taste Jeremy’s cum again. We fucked all afternoon and had so much fun. I just love dirty little secrets…don’t you? xxx Desirae

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Here are some sexy pictures of me wearing this outfit:

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some sexy snapshots for ya!

Hi guys,

today has been so fucking awesome. I just got done picking out the outfit I am wearing tonight for dinner. I met this guy who happens to be a pilot and he is flying us someplace for dinner tonight near Miami. I am a litle nervous about the plane issue, but im sure he’ll have a drink waiting for me. I get nervous when I fly sometimes.

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and highly satisfying….

xxx Desirae

I am soooo Excited!

HI there sweetie, I am so glad you stopped in to see what I have been up to. Today, I just got done doing some live cam shows- as well as my yoga routine which kicked my ass today. I did total core stuff, so it is a work out, I am going to go back in and finish up in a bit after I am done blogging.
I also wanted to let you know that I have my very own cam network now! Yay! It is called NaughtyatHomeCams.com. Here you will find all of my naughty web friends, as well as me doing private one on ones. I also do skype with members, but this is a new deal for me so check it out & let me know what you think. Just be sure to tell the girls that Desirae sent ya.

I also wanted to post a little sample video here that I was playing with earlier:

You will have to let me know what you think of it and if you noticed the lactating boobies. lol. Lots of guys wonder about that, and so I just did a video of me doing it for kicks.

I added a new picture set to the site earlier this week. I should put a sample here for you- Here is a sample below:

Hope you are enjoying your day so far, and that tonight is totally AWESOME for you! I have a HOT date, I met him when I picked up my car the other day from the dealership, I was just getting the tire fixed (had a screw in it 🙁 ) Anyways, his name is Jeff and he’s tall dark and handsome. We are all set for meeting up at 8pm tonight. I gotta go pick out something sexy to wear!

kisses and licks

Yet another successful content day

Well, again I have to say it was a good day. I uploaded some new pictures to the VIP Members Only Section. I took some sexy selfies in the shower today and thought I would share, that along with my outfit I wore in my next video update.

Yesterday was a trippy day. I felt out of sorts and all off for some reason. I was stressing or tripping over something, but couldn’t put my finger on it. So, I just went and chilled for a while until I felt back to normal. Ever get that feeling? Like you’ve forgotten to do something, or left something like your wallet behind & you sorta panic. Well, yeah that is exactly how I felt. Today is much better, it was just one of those days. Maybe I was nervous about shooting with Neil, but I doubt it. I was more excited than anything.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done, this lady is like booked up for months in advance. I can’t miss my appointment or certain death, lol. She’s cool though, I can talk with her very easily. I enjoy listening to her tell me about her life and family etc. I’ve been going to her for like 3 years now it seems like, wow. I know thrilling eh?

Today I sucked on a giant cock, there is that a little better? I thought so. For real though, his cock is large & when I suck it hard I have to be careful due to my braces. I should be getting them off next month. I am going to smile like a mother fucker in every single picture for a while. I love sucking cock & any hinderance to that drives me nuts. I like salivate at the thought of it when I am horny.

This morning I was super horny and used the shower massager on my pussy for a little bit. Nothing too crazy, just gettin warmed up for Neil’s cock. I like to tease myself sexually, I hold off on cumming…then let it draw out for longer. I love the long slow fuck sessions, where I feel light headed and about to pass out. You’d think I was into being choked, but I am not. I mean a little choking here and there done right is pretty hot. Just not like full blown passing out shit.

I almost came when his tongue hit my clit, it was so hot and juicy. mmmmm….just thinking about gets me all horny again. I am about to go tanning I think, I haven’t been in a long time. I look like casper the friendly ghost right now. I enjoy a little sun now and then.

We are going out to a cool place tonight for drinks. Maybe I will catch myself a sexy new lover. hehe. I do love it when I get member email. I love seeing sexy pics and just hearing getting to know you better. For real, it is a huge turn on to know you’ve seen me suck, fuck, talk dirty, have girl girl sex, 3somes, strap-on’s etc. I love getting a man hard and finishing him off even stronger.

I hope you have a wonderful evening tonight. I will be live on my webcam at 5pm EST on Friday.

chat with ya soon~
kisses Desirae
ps. Here are a few thumbs from the pictures I took today.






Live Cam Chat & New Content Info

I am scheduling a live cam chat on Friday at 5pm EST. Hope you can cum. hehe. I am also shooting more content tomorrow, will have that up asap. I just love filming new videos, it is so rewarding and fun.

I am trying to decide on what to wear for my video. Almost always I will certainly have on some sort of stockings of course, but not sure of the outfit yet. My lover Neil is coming over. He is so well hung, omg. I like to call him the sledge hammer. haha.

I went tanning a few minutes ago, I actually just got home. On my way back, some asshole ran a red light and nearly killed me. It is crazy how fragile life really is. One little slip and BAM you’re done, over, goodbye. I hate when people run lights like that, it puts everybody in danger. Like we already don’t have enough on our plates, oh yes, please run that light and hit me. Sounds like a hoot.

My pussy is getting all tingly thinking of Neil’s cock right now. I absolutely love the way he makes me feel. He fingers my pussy like a champ, like it is his or something. lol. He has to sneak off away from his wife, which makes it even more naughty.

I got this new selfie stick, I will post a couple of pics that I took with it. It is kinda fun to use, I love taking selfies. I am sitting here listening to Lorde, as well as thinking about which sexy shoes I will wear tomorrow as well. Hmmmm……..I used to wear platforms a lot, now I wear mostly regular pumps/high heels.

Another funny thing happened today. I found the original receipt I got from the strip club I worked at way back when. It was showing that I made the house amount and everything after that was mine. It says “$120” on it, so I had to do 6 dances for the house…..which I hustled like crazy to get done. I actually got off hard while I was stripping. Sometimes I would cum while bucking my hips against some stranger.

You might think I am making that up, but I am not. It is 100% true. I gave the best dances, I really got into it. I suppose if I had stayed doing that for a living I would’ve burnt out and not liked it as much. Who knows. I sure haven’t grown tired of making new videos that’s for sure.

OMG I just caught myself singing & I have my live cam on for the members, lol. I wonder if anyone is watching me right now. hehe. I don’t have the best singing voice in the world. I would be termed a vocal stylist that’s for sure.

You know what!? Howie Bullock wrote me a beautiful song. I should post a link to it again. I used it in a few of my movies. I was really shocked to hear it and actually enjoy it so much. Let me look around here and see if I can’t find a link to the song.

Here is a link to the song

Check it out and let me know what you think. Howie Bullock did this for me. Sweet so very sweet.

So that is the type of picture I can take with my selfie stick. I am gonna take it with me into the shower tomorrow morning while I am getting ready.

Here is a booty shot I took today:

I recently got my hair did as well:

Well my laptop just ran out of battery & so I am going to go charge it. I love to listen to music while I work and get ready and stuff.

Hope you are having a nice day today.